Some Important Questions

Students can access and download IGNOU Study Material for free on the University’s website ( To begin, create an account at in order to access/download IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU University provides printed study materials to all enrolled students, and the cost is included in the entry fee.

IGNOU Study notes are extremely popular among IAS candidates because to its substance, quality, authenticity, affordability, and superior depth of knowledge. It may be quite valuable in IAS elective classes such as (History, Sociology, and so on), and if studied strategically, it will surely boost your comprehension.

It can last between 15 to 55 days, and in exceptional instances, it may last longer.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides its students certificates, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as postgraduate distance learning courses. IGNOU has approximately 4 million enrolled students and is the largest distance learning open university in the country.

E-Gyankosh is a national repository for open and distance learning institutions’ digital learning resources.

We cannot deny that passing the IGNOU exam is challenging, but it is not impossible. Due to the rigorous nature of IGNOU’s grading process, many students question whether passing this examination will be tough.

Yes. IGNOU has its own placement unit, which is referred to as the CPC. The cell conducts on-campus and off-campus placement and employability development programmes at its headquarters and regional centres.

Yes. The IGNOU Campus Placement Cell (CPC) was established in 2005 at the university’s headquarters to act as a nodal point for all placement-related activities and to facilitate the process of gainful employment for the university’s diverse and dispersed learner population located throughout the country.

To pass the IGNOU Assignments, candidates must get a minimum of 40 points out of a potential 100. The minimum marks required for all IGNOU academic programmes would be the same. If a candidate does not get the requisite minimum marks on an IGNOU assignment, the assignment must be resubmitted to IGNOU.

You may choose your own topic from the list of suggested topics provided in the IGNOU Project Handbook/Guidelines, or you may choose any issue pertinent to the curriculum you studied.

No, supervisors are chosen by the academics of the institution based on their areas of expertise. After a supervisor has been assigned and your IGNOU Proposal has been accepted, you can begin your IGNOU Project.

Some General Questions

IGNOU publishes assignments on its website each year. For both the JULY and JANUARY entrance sessions, work for one session assignments is submitted. JULY SESSION denotes the start of your course in July. The term JANUARY SESSION refers to the start of your course in January.

If you have not submitted IGNOU assignments or missed tests for a course/s for which you were registered in a previous semester, you may do so in any subsequent semester as long as the programme is completed within the maximum term permitted.

You will receive actual copies of IGNOU Study Materials only if you specifically request them during registration. If you are experiencing difficulties getting IGNOU Study Materials, please contact

On the IGNOU website, the university announces IGNOU Assignment submission dates for all programmes. Regularly check the webpage for updates:

Submit IGNOU Solved Assignments to your Study Centre/Regional Centre according to the rules established by the Regional Centre. Provide your contact details on IGNOU Solved Assignments (programme code, course code, enrollment number, email, phone).

If your Regional Centre states that only handwritten, signed assignments will be accepted, submit them to the address given. If soft copies are permitted in extraordinary circumstances such as Covid 19, they must be signed and scanned. Send your assignments to if you chose SOGDS as your RC.

IGNOU assignments must be submitted as a single document for each course. Do not submit separate pages or combine homework assignments from two different classes in the same document.

Assignments must be handwritten and signed. They cannot be typed.

If you miss the submission deadline/last date for your IGNOU assignment, you may still submit it late. This, however, may result in a late fee for the Term End Exam linked with it. If you submit your work but do not pass an exam, you may repeat it during a subsequent semester.

If you have not submitted assignments or failed to appear for examinations for a course/s for which you were registered in a previous semester, you may do so in any subsequent semester as long as you finish the programme within the maximum term permitted. However, you must attempt fresh semester assignments rather than past semester tasks.

No, once an IGNOU assignment has been received and reviewed for a course, it does not need to be resubmitted, even if you did not take the end-of-semester test. Your grades on IGNOU assignments will be preserved.

Exam costs for IGNOU are payable online through the IGNOU website.

Your IGNOU internship report should include information on the organisation, your activities during the internship, and the lessons you learned through field experience, particularly in light of the theory covered in class.