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Shri Chakradhar Publication Pvt. Ltd. is a parent company of IGNOUSTUDYMATERIAL.COM. Shri Chakradhar Publication Pvt. Ltd., founded by Dr. Bhavya Kumar Sahni, an IGNOU student who surmounted these difficulties, excels at offering exactly what Distance Learning/IGNOU students require to thrive academically via Focused, Strategic, and Time-Sensitive efforts. SCP has become a household brand among IGNOU students as a consequence of this genuine concern for their well-being, with its products and services widely recognised and respected. Our excellent, user-friendly Books & Study Material, together with our extensive and trustworthy distribution network, which includes a global retail distribution chain, ensuring that our products are easily accessible to students wherever and whenever they are needed.

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We are happy to have been a market leader in the publishing sector for the last decade. We take great pride in being students' first choice for a trusted Friend, Philosopher, and Guide by releasing IGNOU Reference Books, IGNOU Study Materials, and IGNOU Guide Books for a variety of Courses on a regular basis. We have already provided them for BAG, BCOMG, BSCG, BCA, BLIS, BTS, BSWG, BAECH, BAHIH, BAPSH, BAPCH, BAPAH, BASOH, BSCANH, BSCBCH, BAEGH, BAHDH, BAVTM, B.Ed., M.Com, MEG, MHD, MPS, MAH, MSO, MAPC, MEC, MPA, MLIS, MAAN, MARD, MSCDFSM, MSW, MAEDU, MTTM, MGPS, MCA, MSCCFT, MAPY, MAJMC, PGDRD, PGDDM, PGDCFT, PGDEMA, PGHDE, PGDET, PGDFSQM, PGDIS, PGDCJ, DECE, DNHE, DPLAD, DEVMT, DTS, CLIS, CDM, CFN, CRD, CTS, CSWCJS, and MMPC, among others.

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